Bakers Sizzlers Bacon 6x90gm Dry Dog Treats


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Deliciou meaty bacon raher low in fat and no added artificial colour

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aker izzler dog treat are great-tating chewy raher with an unbeatable bacon flavour! Not only are thee bacon trip redibly taty they are alo packed full of pecific nutrient to keep your dog healthy. pThee raher treat have a low-fat content o unlike real bacon you won’t have to worry about your dog gaining unwanted weight! The recipe contain added vitamin and antioxidant to upport your dog’ natural defence a well a vitamin to upport your dog’ energy level. pAdded Omega 3 and 6 eential fatty acid help to keep your dog’ fur hiny and gloy and their kin healthy.


Meat and animal derivatives (11%*), cereals, vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, glycerol, various sugars, oils and fats, minerals, milk and milk derivatives. *Equivalent to 23% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives


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