PuppyStim 15ml


Puppystim 15ml colostrum & probiotic for newborn puppy survival aid

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Millpledge Puppystim 15mlPuppystim is a unique probiotic and colostrum rich nutritional supplement providing a readily available source of energy to stimulate small, weak, underweight newborn or failing puppies.Puppystim can be used in cases of puppies that are failing to thrive. This is usually established within 2-3 days of birth. The puppy may not be as active, or feeding as well as litter mates.Useful in puppies that have been delivered by caesarean section to give them an initial kick-start as the Dam/Queen will be recovering from general anaesthetic, and there may be a delay in suckling which could lead to a delay in access to colostrum.Could be used in puppies that have been abandoned.It can also be used in puppies where the Queen or Dam had died during birth, as there will probably be no access to maternal antibodies via colostrum. In this case it should be used alongside a preparatory puppy milk as part of the hand-rearing protocol. Use as for newborn.Can be sold to breeders in advance of litters in case any of the above should occur, or breeders may want to use as part of regular routine.


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